Laura Hall and I accompanied Drew, Ryan, Colin, Wayne, Brad, Chip, Greg, Jeff, and a rotating casts of celebs (including Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, and, my fave, Florence Henderson), through this completely improvised show...


  1. 1.Yes, they are actually that funny.

  2. 2.No, it wasn’t edited together.

  3. 3.Yes, Wayne is that quick.

  4. 4.Yes, we’re all dressed like easter eggs.


Whose Line Is It Anyway?


maia sharp

So basically, I walked in, took Ed’s cable from him, and started jamming.  I’m really not that jerky in real-life, i just play jerky on TV.  We had a blast, and the cast and crew just rocked.  No, I didn’t get to keep the Les Paul.  Or the bitchin jacket.

Maia and I play in a lot of different settings and configurations, but my favorite is just her and I, duo-style.  Visit Maia at her  website.